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Pick-up or drop-off service - The Waggin' Train

pick-up & delivery services

We now offer pick up and drop off services to Yucaipa and surrounding towns and areas.   For Yucaipa residents with a 92399 zip code, we charge a flat rate of $5.00 per trip for either a pick-up or a drop-off.  For any other areas we determine charges using the help of  Rates are charged by mileage at $.50 per mile from point A to point B in either or both directions, and also for time consumed at the rate of $8/hour from point A to point B in either or both directions.  Regardless of the time it takes to make the trip, and which route we take, the time and distance will be calculated as stated by Mapquest.

If you would like to calculate your pick-up or drop-off charges please use the link below

 Directions To This Location


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